An Evening on the Titanic

The Titanic was meant to be an elegant, romantic affair where the wealthy rubbed elbows with Leonardo DiCaprio danced with some rats.  At The Apollon, we explore the last evening on this illustrious ship, beginning with all the opulence and luxury we idolize and continuing to the point where chaos and panic ensue.

From recreating the final dinner in the first class dining room to skimping on the lifeboats that might have saved you, become a passenger on the RMS Titanic's fateful voyage as our artists examine the breadth of human emotion on an evening of leisure and uncertainty.  This is an immersive and interactive performance experience that will include visual art, music, performance, and dinner.

Opening Reception: Friday, April 10th 5:00-9:00 PM as part of Friday 2 on Vinton.  This is a more traditional art opening.  Dinner and performance are not included therefore no admission fee is charged.

Dinner Performances
Saturday, April 11th

Friday, April 17th

Saturday, April 18th

Sunday, April 19th ****SOLD OUT****

Friday, April 24th

Saturday, April 25th

You decide what kind of experience you'd like to have.  A $35 First Class ticket earns passage in the style to which you've become accustomed - grand treatment, fine dishes, a more luxurious experience than that afford to those who are...beneath you.

Not concerned about all that fanciness?  Can't afford the lap of luxury?  Your $25 passage in Steerage will get you across the sea...or not.  You'll get a show and some hot grub along the way.

Whether you are in First Class or Steerage, this experience will be more fun if you dress the part!  If you feel the need to go all out and rent a costume, our friends at Fairytail Costumes inside Crossroads Mall would love to help you.  Either way, dressing to match the ticket you've purchased will ensure that you fit right in with the Apollon artists with whom you will be interacting.

No physical ticket is required for admission once you have completed your purchase via the web site or at the box office.  All admissions include dinner.  This event is "rated" PG-13.  Younger guests are welcome, but please contact us to discuss age appropriateness if you have any concerns.

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